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Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs)

Does your client have funds invested in With-profits?
Visit our Proposal page for more information.

What is the asset mix of the with-profits fund?
Click here to view the asset mix  of the with-profits fund.

Where can I find information on bonus rates?
We publish a list of the current and previous year's bonus rates.

Where can I find the fund charges including the transaction charges for the With-Profits fund?
The fund charges including the transaction charges for all funds can be found here.

Policy Information
General Information Sheets for most of our policies can be found in the Forms and Document  section

Contacting Us
If you need to contact us  regarding one of our policyholders we will require a letter of authority, signed and dated by the policyholder, including the following information;

  • Full Name
  • Full address including postcode
  • All policy numbers you are advising on
  • National Insurance Number
  • Date of birth

A letter of authority will expire if there is no contact made by the authorised persons during any given two year period